Sale of shelf companies and company formation

Being a relatively large accounting company, we are also belong to large company formation agents.  According to the data  from the Lithuanian Company House, we  establish around of 5% of all the companies that are annualy established in Lithuania. Given the fact that some companies have probably be formed without any agent, one may recalculate our market share to higher value.

Our experience in company formation business allows us providing you with virtually tipes of companies: private companies with limited liability as well as companies with unlimited liability (individual companies). Most popular though are private companies with limited liability. The lowest capital for them is 10.000 LTL (2.900 EUR).

We can either sell you a limited liability private company from shelf or form a new, fresh company. The shelf company can change hands the same day, while if you order the company with a predefined name, it will take us 4-5 business days to form it.

In both cases you will get an operational company, with a bank account and company seal and it will cost you 900 EUR. All fees are included.



Apply for a residence permit in Schengen area

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Application for a residence permit

If you already have a company and became a CEO for this company, you have all legal grounds to apply for Lithuanian visa and the for the temporary residence permit in order to run your company.  Normally this is a smooth and straightforward process and you may apply directly to the Department of Migration with some help and documents you find here. The Department of Migration has its offices in all towns in Lithuania, and in case if you have already arrived to Vilnius, you should visit them at Naugarduko 100, Vilnius.

For a succesfull visa application somebody from Lithuania should invite you. The simplest way if your newly acquired company will be inviting you. For a fee of 400 EUR we may do the paperwork for you. Also when submitting application for the temporary residence permit, the formal residence place will be required in Lithuania.  For a fee of 100 EUR we may provide you with it.

If you want us to to all the paperwork for the application for a temporary residence permit we will ask a fee of 900 EUR. This fee includes everything .


As we have explained earlier, since you will be applying for the renewed residence permit next year, the immigration authorities expect you to pay salary to yourself and salary taxes to the state. The salary taxes will be around 100 EUR per month. The more detailed explanation of tax system you will find here.

Accounting services

The Consis chain has over one hundred of happy clients in several provinces of Lithuania. We therefore welcome you as a client too.

Despite the fact that we probably belong to Top 20 accounting firms in Lithuania, we still give a very competitive price for accounting service. We perform all the legally required accounting services, that is we calculate and report taxes and Social security fees and periodically produce a balance and profit loss account.

On request from a client we may allow him/her to access our accounting software, so that client can perform a certain bookeeping operations such as entering of purchases, writing bills etc. on his own.

Price for the accounting services starts from  100 EUR per month.

Such montly price of 100 EUR would be completely realistic for a small company employing one manager and having a couple of dussins incoming and outgoing bills per month.