Where and how Lithuanian visas are issued?
In order to start business and enter the country, the foreigner should apply for the issuance of a visa (whether Schengen or national).  Ground for the successfull Schengen visa application is an invitation from Lithuanian firm or private individual. In the case if the foreigner is starting a business in Lithuania and buys a firm, the firm normally invites him/her to come to Lithuania and if he is a sole owner and CEO of a company, this is a good ground to stay longer in the country applying for the residence permit, which is valid in all Schengen teritory.

Application has to be made  to a diplomatic mission or a consular post of the Republic of Lithuania abroad or to a diplomatic mission or a consular post of another Schengen State representing the Republic of Lithuania abroad.  In the case when applying for visa to another Shengen state embassy helping Lithuania to serve a certain teritory one should hold citizenship of this teritory or residence permit for to live in this teritory.

Visa offices of the Republic of Lithuania abroad:
Ireland, Dublin;
Argentina, Buenos Aires;
Armenia, Yerevan;
Austria, Vienna;
Azerbaijan, Baku;
Belarus: Grodno and Minsk;
Belgium, Brussels;
Bulgaria, Sofia;
Czech Republic, Prague;
Denmark, Copenhagen;
Egypt, Cairo;
Tallinn, Estonia;
Greece, Athens;
Georgia, Tbilisi;
India, New Delhi;
Spain: Madrid and Valencia;
Italy, Rome;
Israel, Tel Aviv;
Japan, Tokyo;
United Kingdom, London;
United States of America: Chicago, New York and Washington;
Canada, Ottawa;
Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata;
China, Beijing;
Latvia, Riga;
Poland: Warsaw and Sejny;
Moldova, Chisinau;
Netherlands, Hague;
Norway, Oslo;
Portugal, Lisbon;
France, Paris;
Romania, Bucharest;
Russia: Kaliningrad, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sovetsk;
Finland, Helsinki;
Sweden, Stockholm;
Switzerland, Geneva;
Turkey, Ankara;
Ukraine, Kiev;
Vatican, Rome;
Hungary, Budapest;
Germany: Berlin and Bonn.
Visa offices of other Schengen States abroad representing the Republic of Lithuania
1. Hungary’s visa offices representing Lithuania in:
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo;
Indonesia, Jakarta;
Iran, Teheran;
Cuba, Havana;
Macedonia, Skopje;
Pakistan, Islamabad;
South African Republic, Pretoria;
Saudi Arabia, Riyadh;
Serbia, Belgrade;
Taiwan, Taipei.
2. Slovenia’s visa office representing Lithuania in Montenegro, Podgorica.
3. Denmark’s visa office representing Lithuania in Vietnam, Hanoi.
4. Latvia’s visa office representing Lithuania in Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
5. Austria’s visa offices representing Lithuania in:
Philippines, Manila;
Columbia, Bogota;
Lebanon, Beirut;
Syria, Damask.
6. Germany‘s visa offices representing Lithuania in:
Algeria, Algiers;
Jordan, Amman;
Maroc, Rabat;
Peru, Lima;
Thailand, Bangkok;
Tunisia, Tunis.

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