About us

We are a large and reputable Lithuanian accounting and business service firm called Consis. The Consis chain has a Scandinavian origin as it has been established by a large Norwegian accounting chain with the same name. One of the Norwegian Savings banks is owner for Consis chain. 

This website is a marketing tool for our immigration service performed by our lawyers and accountants. We describe a simple method to enter European Union and Schengen area – the bussiness immigration. Migrating to Europe has become easy. That is one one can easily get a Lithuanian Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), which is valid in all Schengen area by just establishing a company in Lithuania.

This does not cost you a fortune as for ca 900 EUR we may sell you a ready made company. For  additional 900 EUR our lawyers will make the application for TRP or you may do it yourself using the official documents you will find on this website. In any case our fees includes all the sums paid to governmental institutions.  The ready made company has at some time  be filled by capital which is 2900 EUR .

Within a period of holding a Lithuanian TRP you may enter any of the Schengen countries, conduct your business there earning much higher income as you would earn in Lithuania. According to the services export  and trade directives in the EU, none of the companies in the member countries may be prohibited from doing business in other EU country. This creates enourmous potential for wise entrepreneurs.

We should, however, warn you about misusing this instrument for business immigration to Lithuania. It was initially ment to attract businesses to the country, so it may be a bad idea, just to buy a company but do not conduct any real activities, as checks are in the place. If you buy a company and apply for a residence permit, you will certainly be granted your first Schengen temporary residence permit for the first year, but later on the authorities will find out, that your company is not performing any real activities, not paying taxes to the state and your application for the prolongation of the residence permit for the second year most probably be rejected. Moreover this fact will be recorded in Schengen information system and may be an obstacle for you applying for another Schengen visa or residence permit elsewhere in Europe.